A Monk's Tale - Thursday 9th November 7.30pm

A Monk's Tale https://www.amonkstale.net/ 


This show is about Martin Luther. And it’s for people who aren’t quite sure which Luther we’re talking about. With a feeling of Horrible Histories and Monty PythonA Monk’s Tale helps the audience understand the unfamiliar medieval mindset, and exactly what Luther was trying to do with his 95 Theses, which sparked one of the most significant movements in history: the Reformation.

The show is light, accessible and funny, using sketches, and songs to explain the specifics of the story: the indulgences, purgatory, the sacraments and theological disputes of the period. As the play unfolds, the audience will be informed and challenged as well as entertained and amused.

Suitable for all ages and all faiths, as well as skeptics, the fast-paced hour-long show also covers the Wycliffe and the Lollards, popes, princes and the seismic changes brought on by the internet of its time, the Printing Press.


Cost £10 for adults, £5 for children.


Drinks and canapés from 7.30pm, curtains up at 8pm.  Lasts about an hour

Christianity Explored

CE LogoChristianity Explored is a way of sharing the best news ever heard, and gives people space and time to think about the big questions of life. Over 7 sessions in Mark's Gospel, find out more about the life of the person at the heart of the Christian faith - Jesus Christ.   

Dates are 3 October, 10 October, 17 October, 31 October, 14 November, 21 November, 28 November

It will start with a meal at 7pm and finish by 9pm. Please contact church office if you would like to attend

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