GAFCON - Day six - Saturday

 This final post comes from Addis Ababa in Ethopia - sitting waiting for my plane back.  I'm very much looking forward to coming home, but what an incredible week.

This morning we started with a communion service.  A very appropriate way to start our final day as we illustrated our unity together by sharing the one bread which so clearly illustrates the one sacrifice that unites us.  The sermon exhorted us to go out and 'do' what we've been talking about.  Why do we fear people?  Why do we fear not being a public witness to our Lord Jesus Christ?  God is so powerful and he has given us His word to empower us.  God wouldn't be a father if he leave/give us the tools to complete the job he;s given us to do.  And the key tool is His word that His Spirit uses to equip us to be His disciples.

The conference finished with one final session where the final communique and commitment were read.  This document is what the conference has been building up to.  It is a statement of action.  It builds on the brilliant work of 2008 at GAFCON 1 and shows a way forward where those who remain orthodox Bible believing Christians can remain Anglicans even when their own diocese or province rejects the unique truth of God as revealed in His word.

When the communique was read it was greeted with a prolonged standing ovation and deep joy and celebration.  It was an overwhelming end to this amazing week.

I must go now, it's midnight here and I need to get my flights.  Please do read the communique via the GAFCON website - ask me about tomorrow at church - but please let me give my children a cuddle first!

Thank you to all at St Johns for funding me to go - I hope what I've learnt will affect me for the rest of my life and I pray that what was produced will affect the evangelism of the world for a generation.